Each client will be priced individually based on the desired services. During the complimentary consultation we will be able to quote fees for the accounting services that you need. Generally, we charge by the service as opposed to charging by the hour. This pricing model gives you predictability and us accountability. You can feel free to call us without the concern of extra charges.

Tax Preparation Fees

For tax preparation, we charge based on the forms that need to be completed and submitted to the IRS. Contact us with your prior year return for an estimate!

Monthly Business Fee

For small businesses that would prefer to outsource their accounting needs, a monthly fee will be determined to accommodate the level of services required.

One Time Fees

  • A set up fee required for each company that is not using a automated QuickBooks program.
  • A “back work” fee for any company that requires additional work to update its books.

Consulting Fees

If you are not an ongoing client, but still desire some assistance with setting up QuickBooks, or consulting on a specific financial situation, we do charge by the hour for this type of service.

  • The QuickBooks set up fee is $50 per hour.
  • The consulting fee is $75 per hour.

These fees are subject to change at any point. Periodically, usually annually, the services for current clients will be reviewed and the fees adjusted accordingly.